Wildcrafted ~ Raw ~ Sea Moss ~ Detailed Instructions are Included

Wildcrafted ~ Raw ~ Sea Moss ~ Detailed Instructions are Included

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Sea Moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals that the body is made of. An excellent source of minerals, protein, iodine, potassium, zinc, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin A, B, C, and K. It's good for your nails, hair, skin, thyroid, inflammation, joints, blood pressure, building the immune system and more.

Ingredients: Raw Wildcrafted Sea Moss

Why our Sea Moss: Our wildcrafted Sea Moss is naturally grown in the ocean, harvested, and sun-dried. Not factory farmed.

Preparation: Instructions are included on packaging. 

Store in a cool, dry, dark place for up to 1 year.


After processing:

Usage: Take 1-2 tablespoons per day

How to use: Blend in smoothie or dissolve in hot tea. Also great in salad dressings, soups, and baby food. The possibilities are endless!! 

Facial Mask: smooth gel onto face, allow to dry (about 15 min) remove with warm water or wipe off with wet warm cloth. Enjoy fresh tighter looking skin!

Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks or freeze in ice tray for up to 6 months. We recommend placing the desired daily serving in each cube for easy use.